IWGB member and HEE employee Joseph Parrott has written to local MP Keir Starmer to request his help in the ongoing campaign against the HEE cuts – see Joe’s full letter below.

Dear Sir Starmer

My name is Joseph Parrott and I am currently working at Stewart House, Russell Square in your constituency. I work for Health Education England (HEE), the organisation responsible for the recruitment and training administration of junior doctors. We have recently finished a consultation period where HEE are proposing to cut 41% of staff members. The scale of these cuts could seriously jeopardise patient safety, junior doctors rotas are already at crisis point, and cutting the people responsible for administrating their training and recruitment is only going to further exacerbate the problem. No risk or equality assessments have been carried out so it is impossible to tell how these cuts are going to affect the service that we provide. We are already working at close to full capacity and management are at this moment having to hire temporary staff to cope with the next phase of implementation.

Please see 2 links below to 2 separate responses from Trade Unions that represent staff members at HEE and spells out in more detail the concerns that staff members hold.



I am currently involved in a campaign to stop these cuts and we were hoping to gain your support with this. Would you be willing to do any of the following in support of our campaign?

–          Release a press release stating your opposition to the cuts.

–          Tweet in support of the campaign

–          Submit questions regarding HEE cuts to the Oral Health Questions in parliament.

I understand that you must be very busy and I would be more than happy to draft any of the above if you or your office does not have time to do this.

These cuts are facing London and the South East so I am planning on writing to all MPs whose constituents will be affected by these cuts. I have also written to my own local MP Chuka Umunna.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Joseph Parrott