Here’s an update on ICE from Rebecca and Mark:

As you know we have been acting as negotiating representatives on behalf of staff in Levels 1-6 for the purposes of coming to an agreement with the University over Information and Consultation of Employees (ICE) provisions, i.e. designing a forum whereby the University informs and consults with staff on major developments at the University.

Throughout our entire time as negotiating representatives we have bent over backwards to come to an agreement with the University and the other unions regarding an ICE forum. Our only non-negotiable stance from which we would not depart was to demand that any ICE forum agreed to would give equal and fair representation to staff in Levels 1-6 and the union they had chosen to represent them. As the University and the other unions could not agree to this fundamental point we unfortunately concluded at our last meeting, held on 18 May, that no agreement could be reached.

This means that the forum will be based on the standard provisions of the ICE legislation. Within the next 6 months the University will be arranging for staff to elect members to this forum – we believe there will be about 25 positions in total. These representatives will be the conduit through which the University passes information to and consults with staff.

The IWGB will be running a slate of candidates for election to this forum and we will be in touch over the next months to give you more information about this.  We will continue to argue for a strong and alternative voice for staff at the University and use whatever forum or other means are at our disposal to represent staff.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process.

Kind regards,

Rebecca and Mark

Levels 1-6 ICE negotiation representatives