packedroomThe Universities of London branch of the IWGB is open to everyone who works at the federal University of London, and provides:

  • Free advice, representation and legal support with workplace issues (from reps who work here at the University and who you can meet in person).
  • The support of a Legal Department based in the union’s London office.
  • Support at employment tribunals.
  • Free English or Spanish classes.
  • Full speaking and voting rights at the monthly meetings where branch decisions are made.
  • Determined backing from the central IWGB.

We’re showing that determined organising can win concrete results, and have successfully:

  • Campaigned for all outsourced staff to be brought in-house at UoL: achieved 2020
  • Forced the University to set up and run a regular ICE forum where employees can be consulted
  • Fought for appropriate PPE to be distributed to front-line workers at UCL

Since the branch was founded in April 2013:

  • 100s of members have been represented at disciplinaries and grievances – saving jobs, ending bullying and building confidence.
  • We have taken numerous cases to Employment Tribunals, securing substantial payouts to members in the process
  • We’ve grown from representing a handful of staff at the central University, to representing staff at UCL, Goldsmiths and other universities across London. IWGB now has well over 5,000 members.
  • Through the IWGB-supported 3 Cosas campaign, outsourced workers at UoL now get proper sick pay and holiday pay, and were finally brought back in house on equal terms with everyone else.
  • Accredited WEA English classes have been provided, as well as conversation classes in both English and Spanish.
  • We’ve built a campaigning structure (including social media, close partnerships with student bodies and other unions, and support from MPs) dedicated to improving working conditions and protecting jobs.
  • Helped win the first increase in London Weighting at the central University for 20 years (though we still think we could have got more).
  • Been at the forefront of the struggle to defend employees’ terms and conditions in the face of the University’s proposed plans for shared services.