See below for details of forthcoming monthly branch meetings. All branch business gets discussed at these meetings, they are open to all members, and all members get a vote.

It’s really important to attend if you can, as the union depends on members playing an active part.

The meetings are held over the last Friday and Saturday of each month in order to maximise attendance.

Any questions, just drop us a line at


Friday 28 July, 12.30pm

Saturday 29 July, 1.30pm


Friday 25 August, 12.30pm

Saturday 26 August, 1.30pm


Friday 29 September, 12.30pm

Saturday 30 September, 1.30pm


Friday 27 October, 12.30pm

Saturday 28 October, 1.30pm


Friday 24 November, 12.30pm

Saturday 25 November, 1.30pm