Elected AGM April 2017

Branch Chair: Maritza Castillo Calle and Wilson Ayala Romero both stood, and as a result there will be a postal ballot, starting after the national election on 27 May 2017.

Vice-Chair: Abdul Bakhsh

Branch Secretary: Danny Millum

Assistant Secretary: Rebecca Dooley

Recruitment Officer: Lewis Petterson

Education Officer: Camila Gatica

Treasurer: Lindsey Caffin

Second Treasurer: Alison Hunter

Communications Officer: Matt Mahon

Campaigns Officer: position vacant

Trustees: Frankie Cunha


IWGB reps, now covering all the major workplaces and teams in our branch.

Luz Ortega — College Hall

Wilson Hernandes — International Hall

Margarita Cunalata — Connaught Hall

Sonia Chura — Lilian Penson Hall

Magda Chytra — Nutford House

Robinson Baldeon — Senate House (Porters — full-time workers)

Marta Luna — Stewart House (morning shift)

Olga Alvarez — Senate House (morning shift)

Abdul Bakhsh — Security Guards

John Barnett — Maintenance and AV

Jelony Osa — UoL Direct Employees

Karina Konopecka — Aramark

Wilson Ayala Romero — Royal College of Music

Andres Pais — London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Hernan Lazo Mina — Heythrop College

Julian Marin – Royal College of Arts (Kensington)

Oscar Larrota – Royal College of Arts (Batersea)

Maritza Castillo Calle – UCL

Matt Mahon – UCL Direct Employees

Lina Suarez – Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court