Fourteen IWGB members have signed the IWGB’s response to the Taylor Review on Modern Employment Practices, calling for much needed improvements to the Review across 3 main areas:

The law, which was misrepresented by the Review failing to recognise that not only are workers already self-employed under employment law but that workers already have rights to minimum wage, holiday pay and others. The combination of rights and flexibility that Taylor seeks to achieve is already accessible to workers.

The process, where the Review has many unanswered questions, notably relating to early Deliveroo investor Greg Marsh, corporate solicitor Diane Nicol and the mind-boggling exclusion of any worker or trade union representative.

The Report, which was deeply disappointing. Most of the proposals are so vague they are next to meaningless and some of the substantial suggestions, such as the suggested changes to the minimum wage for workers in the so called “gig economy”

You can read the full response on the main IWGB website.