Catherine has given this update on the ULIA Departmental ‘reviews’ – if you’ve got any questions, get in touch!

Just a quick update on a recent issue ongoing in ULIA, but which sets a disturbing trend we want to avoid…

Recently, senior management in ULIA, supported by HR, got a consultant in to do a ‘review’ of a particular directorate within the department. The claim was that it was about efficiency. As a result of this review, we now understand that there will be major changes to the directorate and senior management are currently refusing to share the full report with staff.

IWGB has made clear that such reviews should never be used to circumvent the usual process of consultation and we are pushing for staff to be given all the information. See our latest email to them below.

This isn’t the first time a review like this has been used in this way – causing huge stress to staff and avoiding proper consultation with them about major changes to their work. We know that other departments in ULIA are scheduled to undergo the same process and will continue to pressure management because this is totally unacceptable!

If anyone needs our support, or if this is happening elsewhere in the University, please let us know.