The IWGB has been forced to intervene in the case of Stanford Jackson, an engineer who has worked at the University of London for 18 years and who suffered a heart attack while on duty.

Mr Jackson suffered a heart attack on 7 September 2019 whilst on callout duty at College Hall.

Mr Jackson, currently employed by Bouygues, has worked at the University of London for 18 years, having been TUPE transferred across a variety of different contractors. He is well known across the many UoL sites as a vastly experienced and popular member of staff.

Since his heart attack, Mr Jackson has been recuperating at home, and is only now starting to return to work.

One might have thought that this traumatic and life-threatening incident was bad enough, but worse was to come, as on Mr Jackson’s October payslip he was notified that there would be a deduction of over £5000 pounds from his wages, with the justification given for this being that he is only entitled to 4 weeks paid sick leave!

This is a truly outrageous situation, given that:

i) Bouygues’ decision is based on what they admit to be utterly incomplete records of Mr Jackson’s previous contractual arrangements, which do not even stretch back to his original contract.

ii) Bouygues are ignoring the fact that the University of London enhanced terms and conditions for outsourced workers supersede any other inferior sick pay or holiday conditions. All outsourced staff of Mr Jackson’s length of service are entitled to 6 months sick leave on full pay.

iii) Mr Jackson’s heart attack occurred in the workplace and while he was performing his duties.

Any other worker at the University would be paid in these circumstances. Mr Jackson has given 18 years and almost his life to the University, and for the buck to be passed between Bouygues and the University of London while he feels a huge financial pressure to return to work prematurely is shameful for all concerned.

Both Mr Jackson and the IWGB have already raised this on numerous occasions, but with no satisfactory response. Last week the matter was brought to the attention of Vice Chancellor Wendy Thomson (who has just made the decision to continue the outsourcing of the UoL maintenance contract), but still no reply has been received and no money paid.

The IWGB will continue to escalate this matter until justice has been done, and in the meantime we urge all members and supporters to contact and ask for #JusticeforStan.