IWGB wrote to University of London’s Vice Chancellor with a series of demands for all essential workers who continue to work at University of London during the current Covid-19 emergency:

Dear Wendy Thomson

Despite the current pandemic, security staff are currently working at University of London and cleaners continue to service the Halls of Residence.

With the majority of UoL staff working remotely it could be easy to forget that some members of staff are still travelling in and working onsite in an extremely delicate and exceptional context.  

Taking into account the incredible effort these workers are making and having consulted our members we write to present a series of demands:

  • Given the circumstances and the current risks faced, anyone attending work must do so on a voluntary basis.
  • University of London will introduce a “hazard rate” for all those key workers who continue to work on site during the duration of the pandemic; (this in line with other Universities and Public institutions)
  • Those volunteering to attend work during the current period will receive an enhanced pay rate for the hours worked on site, namely double the normal hourly rate (£21.5)
  • Those who have worked on site since the government announcement of lockdown on 21st MARCH will received backdated pay of the hours worked at the mentioned rate
  • The health and safety requirements are that full PPE will be provided, small teams will be used to allow for social distancing and a rota will be deployed to ensure cleaners will only attend site once a week

Key workers are facing exceptional challenges in these times, and the cleaners and security officers at University of London are no exception. They continue to attend work, while the rest of us are advised not to venture out. The work they do, and the risks they are currently taking, must be recognised and compensated.

We believe that University of London will adopt a responsible position in these circumstances and acknowledge the invaluable role that key workers such as security officers and cleaners are playing during the current pandemic.

Kind Regards