Work at a university? Join the IWGB or become a supporter! — April 5, 2023

Work at a university? Join the IWGB or become a supporter!

For the last ten years, the IWGB has been at the forefront of grassroots worker organising at universities in London. We’ve fought struggles that have brought hundreds of workers in-house, and improved the pay and conditions of thousands more. As a union, we’ve always recognised that workers are strongest when they take action together. We’ve worked hard to prove this principle in practice, such as at UCL, where we’ve worked with UCU to coordinate strike action across security guards, cleaners, and academics. Refusing the status quo, we’ve taken the initiative to reclaim the university for all workers. And we haven’t been afraid to take necessary risks to achieve this.

But to keep doing this work and raise the stakes, our branch needs more support. That’s why we’re encouraging workers across the university sector to join the IWGB Universities Branch as either a member or a supporter. Whether you’re outsourced or directly employed, a librarian, academic, cleaner, or any other kind of university worker – you can join IWGB. By joining us, you’ll be directly supporting the struggles of all university workers – yourself included. Each pound is a blow to the bosses!

Join our branch as a member now

To become a member costs as little as EIGHT pounds a month. Join online here.

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Support our struggle! £5 a month or more – whatever you can afford! Sign up here.


Why should I become a member or supporter of IWGB?

Our branch works on a shoestring budget and we need more support. By joining as a member or supporter you’ll be helping our branch financially. This will enable us to continue to fight with and for the most precarious and lowest-paid workers in the university sector. The money we raise will help us to pay for a full-time organiser for the branch – something we urgently need to do to keep organising across the 11 different universities where our members work. By meeting, talking, eating, dancing, and fighting together, we can build a more unified workforce, take on our employers, and transform the university for all. 

But I’m already a member of another union. Can I join?

Yes! Many IWGB members are also in other unions, particularly those who are directly employed by a university. That means they hold membership of two different unions. For example, they are in IWGB and UCU or Unison. We support the work of other unions in universities and coordinate with them to achieve common goals. Even if you’re in another union, we still need you to join IWGB as a member or supporter to help us fight bigger and better struggles against the university bosses.

What has the IWGB done so far?

Members of the IWGB have worked tirelessly in universities across London. After many years of campaigning, we forced the University of London to bring all its Senate House workers in-house, and got them to improve terms and conditions too. At Goldsmiths, our members fought to end outsourcing at the university, which they won in February 2020. At UCL, we’ve organised hundreds of outsourced workers, winning parity of pay and conditions with in-house staff, and are continuing our campaign to bring workers fully back in-house. At the University of Greenwich, members took strike action and won the London living wage for all facilities workers, and we continue to campaign to bring workers back in-house. At City University, our members have campaigned successfully against late wages and wage theft. But these successes are just the start. If you join us as a supporter or member, we can grow and expand our struggles, transforming the university for everyone.

Can I join if I work at a university outside of London?

You can become a member of our branch if you work at a university in London – whatever your role. If you work outside of London or don’t want to become a member, you can join us as a supporter. You’ll still be part of our movement and we’ll send you regular updates about our campaigns.