UOL Women’s Committee — March 25, 2021

UOL Women’s Committee

The University of London Branch approved the creation of a Women’s Committee last year.

This committee is a core group of women members of the UoL Branch (IWGB) where we created this fundamental space to organize, support and develop ourselves.

This committee of the Universities of London Branch has been working and helping women members throughout this pandemic, organizing Workshops on Metal Health, Empowerment, Social Housing, cycle of violence, benefits and gender based violence. The committee also allows us to support each other to solve the problems we face.

This body has also become a place to make decisions and strategies within the branch with the objective of helping and supporting other women, which has made this committee a base of support and a single voice for all women of the branch, regardless of race, culture and religion, giving all members in this committee a fundamental role in the vision and future of our union.

We want to make this committee a force, a support and a source of solidarity among us, so that all women feel safe, valued and respected.

We invite all women in our branch to join this committee to continue building this project. If you would like to join us, please write to Maritza Chair Universities of London Branch

We also call on activists to financially support our branch, which has made possible the existence of this committee and the training cycles that have been developed. All the money you donate goes directly to supporting our members, campaigning and reaching new people.

You can donate here:

Women’s committee of the IWGB UoL Branch

IWGB #LeadingWomen event to highlight University of London’s unfair treatment of outsourced women — June 25, 2018

IWGB #LeadingWomen event to highlight University of London’s unfair treatment of outsourced women

The University of London’s ‘vague and noncommittal assurances’ to bring workers in house creates a back door out of which it can retreat at any time. As a result, IWGB Women’s Officer Catherine Morrissey has written to the University of London to annouce that in the absence of a concrete date for bringing outsourced workers in-house tthe IWGB will be holding its own #LeadingWomen event on 10 July at Senate House ( to highlight the negative impact of outsourcing on women.

Dear Chris,

As you will be aware, outsourced staff at the University of London recently voted to continue their ‘back in house’ campaign, after receiving vague and noncommittal assurances – via an announcement made not to them, but to their directly employed colleagues – of the University’s intention to bring workers in house ‘where there is an opportunity and clear rationale’.

I am sure you can understand why this wording (which creates a back door out of which the University can retreat at any time), and the lack of a clear and accountable timescale, is not acceptable to the workers, and is wholly insufficient to halt the campaign which has already seen the university spend well in excess of £500,000 on additional security, not to mention the financial and reputational losses it has suffered from disruption and cancellation of events.

The next planned event in the campaign will be a protest on 10 July, coinciding with the rescheduled ‘Leading Women’ event with which the University presumably aims to bolster its credentials as a forward-thinking and aspirational institution.

As Women’s Officer of a trade union representing a diversity of marginalised groups, naturally I’m delighted to see the University of London promoting equality. But while the University pushes ahead with a series of events celebrating its historic steps to advance the rights of one group, current University management seem unaware of the irony of prolonging a situation which denies rights to another.

The focus of our protest will be our very own outsourced #LeadingWomen, who for years have been leading the fight to be treated with dignity and respect by the institution in which they work. They are determined to continue the campaign until they receive a direct and unambiguous commitment to bring all outsourced workers in house within 12 months.

The workers and their demands are perfectly reasonable. So, if you would like to enter into meaningful discussions to prevent further disruption, we would invite you to do so at the earliest opportunity.

Kind regards,

Catherine Morrissey
Women’s Officer, IWGB
Chair, IWGB Legal Department Subcommittee
University of London IWGB member