1374101831-london-university-workers-continue-struggle-for-justice_2264693 (1)Today’s protest was attended by a larger crowd than usual, with the university having stirred up feeling by bringing in the police to ULU yesterday when students were protesting as a part of the 3 Cosas campaign after students had chalked slogans including ‘Sick Pay, Holidays, Pensions Now, support the cleaners struggle’ on pavements and walls, including the a wall plaque commemorating the founding of the Senate House Library. Police entered the ULU cafe and assaulted several students and arrested a young woman who was charged with criminal damage.

ULU vice president, Daniel Cooper, spoke during today’s protest, saying that the action by the university would greatly increase the support for 3 Cosas, and that the point of using chalk was that it caused no damage, being easily wiped off. There were no signs of damage after the plaque was washed.

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