Justice for Stan — December 20, 2019

Justice for Stan

As Christmas approaches, University of London Bouygues engineer Stan Jackson is still thousands of pounds out of pocket following his heart attack at work.

image of Stan Jackson
Merry Christmas, Stan: Stan Jackson faces Christmas thousands of pounds down

We wanted to update everyone on the case of Stanford Jackson, who was deducted £5000 by his employer Bouygues while recuperating from a heart attack suffered at work (see https://iwgb-universityoflondon.org/2019/12/03/justiceforstan-university-of-london-and-its-contractor-bouygues-deduct-5000-sick-pay-from-employee-who-had-heart-attack-while-on-duty/).

Having brought this matter to the attention of the Vice-Chancellor, the IWGB were assured that she was taking a ‘personal interest’ in the case, and Stan was led to believe that it would be resolved.

However, with less than a week to go before Christmas, Stan is still thousands of pounds out of pocket, having been told by Bouygues that they will only pay him partially for his absence, and only compensating him for less than half of the money they deducted from him in October.

Furthermore, they only grudgingly paid this on the grounds of ‘exceptional circumstances’ as a ‘goodwill gesture’. Merry Christmas indeed!

To add insult to injury, and despite the fact that his ongoing ill-health and shortage of money has caused Stan to require counselling, Bouygues are insisting that he raise the matter via the formal grievance and disciplinary procedure, a process that will inevitably be massively stressful and is totally unnecessary.

There is also no indication that either Bouygues or the University of London have addressed any of the serious health and safety issues which led to Stan’s accident (which could easily have been much worse) – including the fact than lone staff were NOT issued with fall alarms despite these being requested.

The issue is NOT complicated – Stan suffered a heart attack in his workplace, a workplace where all staff (in-house or outsourced) are entitled to 6 months full sick pay. Bouygues and the University should be bending over backwards to ensure that everything is done to look after a longstanding member of staff (and one who has never missed a SINGLE DAY’s work through illness while working for Bouygues), rather than leaving him broke and traumatised this Christmas.

As before, the IWGB will continue to escalate this matter until justice has been done, and in the meantime we urge all members and supporters to contact wendy.thomson@london.ac.uk and ask for #JusticeforStan.

CoSector and ICT restructure and redundancies – important information for all staff — September 24, 2019

CoSector and ICT restructure and redundancies – important information for all staff

Please see below for an important email on the current restructure and redundancies from IWGB branch secretary and ICE rep Danny Millum.

Dear all

I am writing in my capacity as an ICE Forum representative to share the latest information with regard to the ongoing CoSector and ICT restructure, and in particular how this may affect the rest of the University of London.

You may be aware that on Wednesday 11 September a meeting was held for affected staff at which plans were unveiled for a radical restructure of both the CoSector and ICT departments.

The ostensible justification for this is for ICT to expand its remit and take direct responsibility for the University’s Information Technology and Digital Services and for CoSector to focus on growing external revenue.

ICE reps and affected staff have been prevented from sharing the more detailed plans with you by the University’s desire for secrecy. However, we believe it is important that all staff are at least aware of the following points regarding these proposals:

  1. They will involve a reduction in headcount of around 20 FTE, with longstanding members of staff finding their positions abolished and facing what is in effect compulsory redundancy.
  • They will involve a significant decrease in the levels of IT support available to the rest of the University. For instance, it is planned to reduce the number of roles in Central IT Support from 14.5 to 10, in the Networks team from 5 to 3 and in the Server team from 6 to 4.
  • No explanation has been given as to how these already overstretched teams will be able to maintain current service levels with a vastly reduced headcount.
  • No justification has been given for why compulsory redundancies are being threatened despite CoSector being in profit.
  • No explanation has been given for why the senior management team has been exempted from these changes, with senior managers being awarded new ‘Associate Director’ titles in many instances.

Needless to say staff in the affected departments are extremely concerned and will appreciate your support. However, we believe it will affect all staff at the University, given the vital functions that these staff perform. 

The consultation is currently ongoing, so it would be great to get feedback from staff across the rest of the University with regard to these plans. Several extraordinary ICE meetings are being held so that we can feed back to the University and get more information from them on these proposals. So please do get in touch with your local ICE reps in person or by email and let them know what you think, or to submit questions which they will ask on staff’s behalf:

CoSector: Colin Watson

SAS: Lindsey Caffin, Danny Millum, Mark Murphy, Damien Short and Marty Steer

UoLW: Tim Hall, Bill Kelliher and Catherine Morrissey 

Finance & ICT: Angela Ireland

Senate House Library: Leila Kassir and Elizabeth Morcom

Property and Facilities Management: Jelony Osa

Best wishes


Health Education England staff submit collective grievance over ‘illegal’ TUPE — September 12, 2019
Meet our new BAME Officers – Ruqayyah Al-Faisal and Hosne Ara — September 6, 2019

Meet our new BAME Officers – Ruqayyah Al-Faisal and Hosne Ara

We are delighted to introduce our two new new BAME officers, unanimously elected at this week’s branch meeting – Ruqayyah Al-Faisal and Hosne Ara!

You can contact them with any relevant issues at uolbame@iwgb.co.uk, but please read on to find a little bit more about them.


My name is Ruqayyah Al-Faisal and I am a receptionist working for the University of London. Whilst working here I’ve faced many challenges and encountered racism, sexism and discrimination.

With IWGB and my coworker Hosne we fought against the individuals concerned and prevailed. In doing so we showed that fighting back is the only way your voice can be heard.

So I am honoured that IWGB has elected me to be a union officer for those others who wish to be silent no longer.



Hi! I am Hosne Ara, working at the University of London for last five years! I have been always dedicated myself to make a difference to people’s lives especially those who need help. I believe I can make a positive impact by ensuring that ethnic minority workers adjust well to the work environment and feel valued.

I appreciate all the support from IWGB that I have received. I thank all of you who have voted me to be a voice of all race and culture, and I will ensure that all ethnic minority voices are heard.

Job Opportunity – Press Officer — August 23, 2019

Job Opportunity – Press Officer

Salary: £11.55 per hour (The IWGB has a flat wage policy of London Living Wage + £1 per hour, with increases every year in November)

Timescale: 3 days (21hrs) per week

Benefits: 23 days holiday per year including bank holidays (38 days pro rata), 13% employer pension contribution.

Reporting to: Head of Communications and Media

To apply: Send a copy of your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the role to sebastienflais@iwgb.co.uk

Application deadline: 23:59 on 26 August

About the role

We are looking for a press officer to join our communications team. The press officer plays a vital role for the union, not only by helping shape and execute communications strategies for individual campaigns, but also by ensuring that the IWGB’s wider strategic objectives are advanced through clear messaging in the media and social media.

Most importantly, the press officer will help amplify the voices of members, by telling their stories, but also by giving them the means and confidence to communicate effectively about their experiences.

Your responsibilities will include writing press releases, pitching stories, managing relationships with journalists, monitoring IWGB media coverage, ghost writing comment pieces, assisting with social media and helping train our rank and file reps.

The press officer should be comfortable working to tight deadlines and managing several tasks at the same time. You should have an excellent command of written and spoken English and an ability to write clear concise copy.

Key responsibilities

  • Writing and sending press releases to relevant media
  • Pitching stories to the press and broadcast media
  • Dealing with media inquiries and requests for comment
  • Monitoring the IWGB’s media coverage
  • Ghost writing comment pieces for members and officers
  • Assisting in running the IWGB’s social media accounts
  • Helping the head of communications and media develop effective comms strategies by liaising with branch officials and activists
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with journalists
  • Training members and activists

Person specification (Essential)

  • At least one year’s experience in journalism, communications, media relations or a role that incorporates these skills.
  • A burning passion to fight against injustices
  • An ability to write clear, concise copy to tight deadlines
  • A capacity to manage multiple priorities
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Good IT skills

Person specification (Preferred)

  • Experience shooting and editing video and/or photo
  • Experience clipping media content or creating social media content
  • Knowledge of UK employment law
  • Knowledge or experience in the trade union movement

Inteviews will be conducted on the morning of 9 September and afternoon of 11 September

About us:

The IWGB is the leading union for precarious workers in the UK. Founded by a handful of Latin American cleaners in 2012, it now has over 5000 members working across a number of sectors. It has led campaigns and/or launched landmark lawsuits against employers such as Uber, Deliveroo, Addison Lee, Ernst & Young, The University of London, The Doctors Laboratory and others. The union has a flat wage policy, where all employees, including the General Secretary and President, make the same hourly wage of London Living Wage + £1 (£11.55).

ICE Forum next week – let us know your issues — August 9, 2019

ICE Forum next week – let us know your issues

The next meeting of the ICE Forum is on Wednesday 14 August, and we’re just writing to see if there are any issues that you want raising.

We will definitely be bringing up the issue of holidays for grade 1-6 staff (please let Mark Murphy (mark.murphy@sas.ac.uk) know if you have not already signed our petition on this!) as well as the ongoing security situation, but please do let us know (uol@iwgb.org.uk) if there’s anything else we should be flagging up.

See here for the agenda and previous meetings.




Ven a disfrutar de una tarde llena de premios, concurso de baile, entrenamiento y muchas sorpresas mas!

Show Cali salsa con Rita Barberio

Clases de salsa

Premios de rifa desde 50 – 150 en efectivo

Gran ambiente familiar y amigable con la mejor música bailable, servicio de bar y comida típica Latino Americana.

Ven a pasar un momento agradable y divertido en solidaridad!

Lugar: Newspeak House – 133 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG.

Te esperamos!

University of London In-House Campaign Strike Fundraising Party! Friday 30 August! —

University of London In-House Campaign Strike Fundraising Party! Friday 30 August!

Help the IWGB raise money for the next round of outsourced worker strikes at the University of London as they fight to be brought in-house!

All members, supporters, family and friends are welcome to our fundraising party on Friday 30 August from 7pm – 2am at Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road.


– Music from DJ King Batuka (UoL security officer by day, Afrobeat DJ by night!)
– Cali Salsa Show with Rita Barberio
– Salsa classes
– Raffle prizes from 50 – 150 in cash
– Free bar on donation and great Latin American food
– Family friendly atmosphere
– Tickets: Suggested donation £5 /Solidarity £10

All proceeds go to the Senate House In-House campaign strike fund!

Anyone interested in helping or selling raffle tickets should contact Maritza (maritzacastillocalle@iwgb.co.uk)

HEE staff to escalate campaign after successful (and extremely hot) strike action — July 26, 2019

HEE staff to escalate campaign after successful (and extremely hot) strike action

Yesterday saw the first day of strike action by HEE staff on UoL contracts, who are fighting against a planned TUPE transfer which will see take home pay massively cut, with low-paid administrative staff worst hit.

There was a great turnout for the strike, including not just IWGB members but other affected staff, some of whom decided on the day itself not to cross the picket line and to join the protest instead!

It was also great to see support from other IWGB members from elsewhere in UoL – cleaners, security and SAS and SHL staff all came down to help flier and to bolster the confidence of colleagues who in many cases were taking strike action for the first time.

After the usual music, drumming and noise of an IWGB strike, the picket concluded at noon as temperatures soared to record levels, with staff vowing that should the TUPE (planned for 1 August) continue in its current form they would escalate strike action.

This could now involve not just staff on UoL contracts but also those already working on Agenda for Change terms and conditions – many of who expressed support for the strike.

It is clear that the dispute is now broadening, to encompass not just the original demands of UoL HEE staff for no TUPE or no detriment but also those of all staff affected by excessive workload, stress and a culture of bullying and micro-aggression within HEE.

Thanks to everyone for their support yesterday, and if you want to know more or get involved please just email dannymillum@iwgb.co.uk.