Precarious Labour Strikes Back – 27 September — September 11, 2017

Precarious Labour Strikes Back – 27 September


People’s Assembly demonstration on Sunday, 1 October 2017 — September 2, 2017

People’s Assembly demonstration on Sunday, 1 October 2017

See below for an invite to attend this anti-austerity demo at the Conservative Party conference – if you are interested let us know at




National Demonstration, Sunday 1 October 2017
Assemble 12pm, Castlefield Arena Rice Street, Manchester M3 4JR

Central London Coach – £5 waged/ £3 students/ unwaged

Leaves Eversholt Street, NW1 (side of Euston Station) at 6.30am

Returns from Manchester at 4.30pm

The SOAS UNISON branch is organising a coach to take central London trade unionists, students and community activists to Manchester for the People’s Assembly demonstration on Sunday, 1 October 2017 on the day the Conservative Party Conference opens.

We are writing to you to ask if your branch can:

  • Make a donation towards the costs of the coach (The coach is costing £1,148.00 – cheques should be made payable to SOAS UNISON and sent to Peter Baran, SOAS UNISON Branch Treasurer, c/o SOAS Students’ Union, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG)
  • Publicise the protest and the details of the coach to members of your branch and local community (The coach will be leaving from Eversholt Street , NW1 (next to Euston Station) at am on Sunday, 1 August 2017. Tickets are £5 waged, £3 students and unwaged although trade union branches contributing to the cost of the coach can have free tickets made available.

We have also been asked to invite you and your members to an important Keep Our NHS Public organising meeting being held at SOAS in room T102, 22 Russell Square at 6pm on Wednesday 6 September 2017 which has been called to discuss:

  • Building locally to get as many people from central London as possible up to the Peoples Assembly demonstration in Manchester and;
  • To build for the Camden Trades Council public meeting “Public Sector Pay – Fight to End the Cap” – a meeting called by Camden Trades Council for Wednesday 20 September, 6.30 to 8.30 PM, to boost opposition to the continued erosion of real pay across the public sector workforce.

The ongoing pay cap is a key element of the Tory government’s austerity agenda, which the trade union movement must confront and end.

Venue: Council Chamber, First Floor, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE

Speakers include:

  • John McDonnell MP, the Shadow Chancellor (to be confirmed)
  • Roger McKenzie, UNISON Assistant General Secretary
  • Lucy Masoud, FBU London Regional Treasurer, and
  • Speakers from Unite dispute on outsourced contract at Barts NHS Trust among others

The election result has left Theresa May and the Conservative Party with a weak, unstable Government. Millions of people have rejected the Tories vicious policies that only benefit those at the top.

The People’s Assembly demonstration will provide a focus for the huge opposition to the politics of austerity, racism and war and demand an alternative that works for everyone.

Sandy Nicoll
SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary


Pay rise secured for TUPE’d Bouygues and Cordant employees —

Pay rise secured for TUPE’d Bouygues and Cordant employees

After only a modicum of IWGB nagging and a mild amount of Cordant payroll incompetence all former UoL employees now TUPE’d to either Bouygues or Cordant should have received the princely national 1.7% pay rise in their August pay.

Anyone with any problems relating to this (including those who think that 1.7% is a scandalously low below inflation payrise in the first place) should drop Danny a line at


IWGB challenges illegal TUPE transfer at the Royal College of Music — August 31, 2017

IWGB challenges illegal TUPE transfer at the Royal College of Music

Outsourced workers and members of the IWGB at Royal College of Music have received letters and verbal assertions from their new employer Tenon FM that their hours will be cut by half and that redundancies will be made!

This is just another insult to these workers given that they were recently engaged in a collective grievance and tribunal claim dispute against their previous employer KINGDOM who was not just forced to admit that they were wrong but also forced to pay these workers thousands of pounds of back dated wages owned to them and a compensation for the poor treatment and for not wanting to provide them with their contracts of employment despite working for them for years!

The IWGB have written to Tenon FM and management at the College to make it clear that we will not sit by and watch while our members are stripped of their rights and treated in this manner!

See our response below and stay tuned for further action if necessary!!

Dear Mr Zambrano

I am writing on behalf of IWGB members at the Royal College of Music, cleaners previously employed by Kingdom and now in the process of a TUPE transfer to Tenon FM.

They have been informed that their hours are to be both changed and reduced one Tenon FM takes over, and that there are likely to be redundancies.

This is a very unpleasant way for a new employer to treat its new employees and is not a promising start to Tenon FM’s relationship with RCM.

If carried through, the impact of the proposed changes would likely be that workers not only have their hours reduced, thereby losing pay, but would actually lose their jobs, as the change of working hours will clash with other jobs they hold elsewhere (necessitated by working in such a low-paid industry).

I must warn you that these plans are clearly illegal under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, which stipulate that employees must continue to enjoy the same terms and conditions of employment with the incoming employer.

Should workers be forced out of their jobs, our union would also view this as constructive dismissal.

We call on Tenon FM to halt these plans immediately and confirm that no such changes will take place. Should you proceed with these proposals, we will have no option but to commence legal action on this basis. Workers are also being consulted over potential industrial action in the event of an unfavourable response.

I am copying in the Royal College of Music and its staff so that they are aware of the behaviour of RCM’s new contractor. If Tenon FM proceeds with these illegal and potentially discriminatory actions, IWGB will be vociferously publicising this situation to staff, students and the general public.

We had hoped to commence relations with you on a more friendly footing. Unfortunately, however, such actions on the part of Tenon FM necessitate a firm response and we will defend our members’ rights forcefully.

I you could respond with the utmost urgency to this email that would be much appreciated. I hope to hear positively from you by the end of the week.

Kind regards


Danny Millum
Branch Secretary
University of London IWGB

Holiday office closure / La oficina del sindicato estara cerrada por motivo de vacaciones — August 29, 2017

Holiday office closure / La oficina del sindicato estara cerrada por motivo de vacaciones

The IWGB office will be closed due to staff taking annual leave from 30th August until 1st September. We will be open again next week from the 4th as usual.

If you need urgent assistance, email

La oficina del sindicato estara cerrada por motivo de vacaciones desde el 30 de agosto hasta el 1 de septiembre y habrira normalmente el lunes 4 de septiembre.

Si necesita ayuda inmediata comuniquese al

Campaña para trabajar directamente para la Universidad ‘back in house’ ¿si o no? — August 23, 2017

Campaña para trabajar directamente para la Universidad ‘back in house’ ¿si o no?

El sindicato esta organizando una reunión especial para los trabajadores de la rama Universidad de Londres, para discutir el tema de esta campana.

¡Anoten esta fecha!


El sábado 9 de septiembre 2017, de 1-3pm


En Senate House – salon Wolfson Suite, IHR (sótano)

¿De que se trata?

Reciemente, compañeros trabajadores de la Universidad de SOAS y del LSE lograron ganar sus campañas para ‘trabajar directamente para la Universidad’ lo cual significa que ya no seran subcontratados y desde el proximo ano trabajaran directamente para el instituto donde trabajan, los cuales tambien forman parte de la Universidad de Londres.

Como ustedes saben, nosotros  hemos tenido muchos problemas con las companias subcontratadoras, por ejemplo por pagos, por falta de comunicacion y por muchas razones mas. Esta tal vez sea una campana dificil de ganarla pero no imposible si nos unimos tambien.

¿Queremos hacer una campaña similar? Eso es lo que tenemos que decidir.

Por eso, nececitamos las voces de todos los miembros afectados.

Este es tu trabajo, tu sindicato, y tu decision.

¡Asiste y ven a dar tu punto de vista y tu voto!

Recuerda que de tu participacion depende el tener un fututo mejor y un trabajo mas digno y seguro!

Para mas detalles, hable con: Emiliano ( / 07506684192), Henry, Maritza, Danny o Catherine.

Te esperamos!!


Branch meeting – this Friday, 12.30pm, Lower Mezzanine Room, IHR —

Branch meeting – this Friday, 12.30pm, Lower Mezzanine Room, IHR

Branch meeting on Friday – usual place, usual time!

As ever, it would be really great if you could spare half-an-hour to attend – we’ve got lost of important stuff to talk about, including

  • the big strike and demo which is planned at the University of London for the 27 September
  • our pay rise (don’t get too excited)
  • the QSG review and other planned UoLIA reviews

As ever, if you have any suggestions for the agenda just let us know, and if you get lost give me a call on 07783719479!

See you Friday



Amazing news from SOAS – all staff to be brought back in-house by September 2018 — August 16, 2017

Amazing news from SOAS – all staff to be brought back in-house by September 2018

SOAS has agreed to bring all its core support workers in-house by September 2018, the school announced on Friday in an e-mail sent to all its students.

The announcement has brought forward by 12 months existing plans to self-deliver cleaning services by 2019, according to a letter sent by the University to the Student’s Union. It also extends the changes to apply to all of its core services staff; including catering, security and various other essential support staff. Overall this will bring in house more than 120 workers who currently are outsourced.

Under this agreement, all workers will be entitled to “equal terms and conditions with existing SOAS employees”, including sick pay, pensions and holidays. The changes will apply to all outsourced staff regardless of whether they are employed full-time, part-time, or on casual contracts.

This is a massive victory at SOAS – and also a sign of things to come at the University of London!

See the SOAS Justice for Workers page for more details!



Puede que hayan escuchado que a los limpiadores de LSE les dijeron recientemente que iban a ser incorporados como personal interno de la universidad y que, por lo tanto, tendrían los mismos términos y condiciones que otros empleados directos de LSE.

Los limpiadores de SOAS también serán reintegrados como personal interno a más tardar el 2019.

Ser incorporado como personal interno tiene los siguientes beneficios:

  • 41 días de vacaciones anuales
  • Contribuciones del empleador a la pensión de 13% del salario
  • Baja por maternidad (8 semanas paga completa, 16 semanas con la mitad del salario, 15 semanas de Pago Legal por Maternidad y 13 semanas sin pago)
  • Baja por paternidad (1 semana paga completa, 1 semana de Pago Legal por Paternidad)
  • 6 meses de pago completo por baja por enfermedad y 6 meses de la mitad del salario por baja por enfermedad.

Creemos que no habría ninguna razón para ser tratados de forma diferente a nuestro colegas sólo porque somos trabajadores subcontrados –todos trabajamos en el mismo edificio, y todos deberíamos tener los mismo derechos en el lugar de trabajo.


Podemos ganar esto, pero necesitamos que todos los trabajadores participen! Así que vengan a la reunión

Sábado 29 de julio, 1.30pm, Oficina IWGB

12-20 Baron Street, London N1 9LL (estación Angel)

Miembros y no miembros son bienvenidos.

Si tienen preguntas, por favor envíen un email a