University-garden hallsThanks to everyone who came to the meeting last week! We had around 30 people in attendance, and understandably the main issue was the Garden Halls. We now know that they are due to close next summer, and the meeting voted to urgently put together a list of questions / demands for Balfour Beatty:

1. A meeting with BBW / the UoL, to take place as soon as possible.

2. Exact details as to the timetable for closure.

3. A list of affected employees.

4. A commitment to avoid redundancies at all cost.

5. A commitment to reallocate workers within the University of London where possible

6. Details of the process to be followed in terms of reallocation, and a commitment that this process will be transparent and fair, with decisions being taken at a senior level in consultation with the union.

7. A commitment to prioritise workers in terms of their length of service.

If anyone has anything to add to this, please call 07922810798 or email