Moyer-Lee – ‘upbeat’

The IWGB yesterday announced the results of its first ever ballot for strike action at the central University of London. On a 50% turnout, the result was a 100% YES vote, meaning that IWGB members will join the other HE unions in the national strike action taking place on the 31 October. The IWGB is also calling for formal recognition and an increase in the London Weighting allowance.

Branch secretary Jason Moyer-Lee was upbeat, describing the vote as ‘crucial’ both in terms of the HE pay dispute and the ongoing 3 Cosas campaign at the University. ‘This shows that the IWGB will continue to play a full part in achieving a long overdue fair pay settlement for University workers, and sends a message to their outsourced colleagues that their own impending strike action will have wide support’.

A cross-union meeting to plan for the 31 October strike has been called for Tuesday 29 October at 1pm, to be held at the nearby Institute of Education.

All UoL employees are welcome, and anyone wishing for more information can contact Jason at JasonMoyer-Lee@iwgb.org.uk (07771783094) or UoL rep Matt Mahon at Matt.Mahon@gmail.com.