strike1With the next strike of outsourced workers at the University of London due on the 27, 28 and 29 of January the IWGB is appealing to all sympathetic union branches to pass a motion supporting the strike and to donate to our strike fund.

Any donations can be made either through paypal or by contacting Daniel Cooper at

Many thanks for your solidarity! Here follows the suggested model motion:

This branch notes

1. The ongoing “3 Cosas” campaign by outsourced workers at University
of London for equal rights with directly employed workers in terms of
sick pay, holidays and pensions, and recognition of their union IWGB.
2. That their first official strike action in November last year won
major concessions on sick pay and holidays, and they are now striking
again on 27-29 January.

This branch resolves

1. To support and promote the 3 Cosas campaign.
2. To donate £100 to their strike fund and organise a collection.
3. To send a delegation to their picket lines at the end of the month.
4. To seek to organise an educational/fundraising event with a 3 Cosas
speaker, working with local community organisations.