To the comrades of University of London branch of IWGB and 3 Cosas campaign

                                                                                                             28 January 2014

Dear comrades

The major concessions you won after your strike last November have had an impact far beyond the issue of outsourcing at the University of London. Given the climate of the past few years in Britain, when most of the major unions gave up any serious struggle that can protect workers’ jobs, working conditions and living standards; your victory over sick pay and holidays has served as an example that workers in Britain and beyond have learnt from.

We salute your continuing struggle on January 27-29 over union recognition, terms and conditions, and job losses. We are sure that yet again you will inspire other workers and various anti-cuts campaigners in Britain and internationally to be more resolute, bold and dynamic in their struggles.

We wish the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) and the 3 Cosas campaign every success in making the University of London and Cofely GDF-Suez submit to the workers’ demands. You deserve the same rights as workers employed directly by the University of London.

Stop discrimination against migrant workers!

Equal pay and rights for all outsourced workers!

Long live the international solidarity and struggle of the working class!

Vuestra lucha es nuestra lucha!

With revolutionary greetings

Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency