As you may have heard, I was recently prosecuted by the managers of the University of London for chalking on the foundation stone at Senate House in support of the outsourced workers’ 3 cosas campaign for sick pay, holidays, and pensions.

I was convicted of Criminal Damage by Judge Nina Tempia, whose other claim to fame is having spoken out in the media on the need to deny bail to people arrested during and after the riots. In the same trial I was acquitted of assaulting two police officers after video footage proved that their statements were works of fiction.

I have been ordered to pay £810 in damages to the managers of the University of London, and £200 in court costs. Any help towards paying these would be very much appreciated. You can give money to the Chalk Fund here:

I’m not the only person being dragged through the courts for challenging the university management. Another person is facing spurious allegations of assaulting a security supervisor on a 3 cosas picket line, the truth being that he was the one assaulted, as witnessed by several people including myself.  In the aftermath of the violent eviction by TSG of the Senate House occupation in December, several people have also been charged with obstructing Highways and Officers and suchlike; it remains to be seen whether charges will arise from the mass arrests at the Cops Off Campus demo the following day, which saw arrestees banned from the university, from protesting, and in one case even from being in a group of four or more people, as part of their bail conditions.

Any money raised beyond the £1010 needed for my fine will be put towards the legal costs of other people arrested for protesting against the university.

Please forward this email to anyone else you know who might be interested.

Many thanks for your solidarity. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Kosh x