voteThe nomination period for officer posts for the University of London IWGB branch has now closed.

The following nominations have now been received:

  • Chair: Henry Chango Lopez
  • Vice-Chair: Sonia Chura
  • Secretary: Catherine Morrissey
  • Treasurer (Position 1): Yvette Bailey
  • Treasurer (Position 2): Alison Hunter
  • Education Officer: Helle Abelvik-Lawson
  • Recruitment Officer: Hannah Thompson

Although there are no contested positions, the prospective officers still need to be approved by the branch.

There will be a secret ballot at the AGM on the 26 April, where everyone will get a ballot paper and a chance to vote YES or NO for each of the candidates.

If you cannot attend the AGM, please ask your rep, or email, or call 07783719479, and you can collect a ballot paper, complete it, and return it. It will then be opened with the others at the AGM.

Hope that makes sense! Get in touch as well if you have any other questions…