garden hallsThe University of London has announced the closure of three of its intercollegiate Halls of Residence, with over 50 redundancies threatened, effective from 30 June 2014

Many of those facing redundancy will be workers who have been at the forefront of the 3 Cosas Campaign which has successfully fought for improved terms and conditions for outsourced workers at the UoL

Cleaners, porters, and catering and security staff (many of whom have worked at the University for years, and are among its lowest-paid staff) are among the affected workers

The majority of these workers are IWGB members, yet the University and its contractors Cofely and Aramark are refusing to deal directly with our union

The IWGB is demanding:

  • a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies
  • full and meaningful consultation
  • a fair and transparent selection process for posts elsewhere in the UoL
  • maintenance of terms and conditions for any workers transferred to contracts outside the UoL

These workers are among the most vulnerable at the University, and have been a national example through their successful campaigns for the living wage and 3 Cosas.

Contact us at or on 07771783094 to find out how you can help – or if you are affected yourself come to our meeting on Friday afternoon in the union office at ULU, 2nd floor.