courtAll members are welcome to attend the monthly IWGB branch meeting, which will take place from 1pm in room S13, Institute of Education (just on the left as you go in the cafe on the ground floor).

We’ll be discussing the SAS Review, Garden Halls, Living Wage and Beyond Conference and (hopefully) good news on our new office.

Jason and Henry have also been in court (fighting Cofely for representation, not for breaking and entering).

As ever, any member can submit an agenda item (just get onto Catherine on and will get a vote on everything that we discuss.

Please do make time to come if you can – the union is run in a democratic and open way, but this functions best when all members participate.

Some of our Halls workers will be coming after their shifts, so don’t feel you have to stay for the whole meeting – come for half an hour at any time from 1pm.

See you there!