officeAs you may have already heard, we’re planning to have an official opening of the new IWGB office on Friday this week!

It’s just very informal – there will be a few drinks and nibbles, and you can drop in anytime from 3pm—7pm on Friday 12th. If anyone wants to continue after that there’s a pub over the road!

The address is:

80 Lambs Conduit Street (Rear – walk down Long Yard and through the gates)



No need to RSVP – but we hope to see you then! Email if you have any questions.

Thanks to the help of numerous members in painting, cleaning and electrifying it, the new office on Lamb’s Conduit Street is now very much up and running! It’s not exactly completely finished, but compared to our previous quarters it already seems like a mansion – we have our own kitchen and everything!

The address is 80 Lamb’s Conduit Street – we’re below and behind the dry cleaner’s, so if you walk round the back you’ll be able to find us.

Please feel free to drop in!