Boris Johnson announcing the rise in the LLW today in his normal clown-like fashion…

Good news for the lowest-paid workers at Senate House, as the London Living Wage increase announced today means no in-house or outsourced employee at the University of London will get less than £9.15 an hour once it is implemented here.

The main beneficiaries will be Cofely and Aramark staff, and the IWGB will be writing to these companies to ensure the new wage is introduced immediately.

The wage – the amount needed to cover the basic costs of living – has increased by 4% on the current £8.80. Outside London, the Living Wage will rise 20p to £7.85.

In the capital, more than 400 companies have been accredited and have signed up to the voluntary scheme.

About 634,000 people employed in London earned less than the new rate in 2013, a report by KPMG estimates.

The wage, which is calculated each year by the Greater London Authority, is designed to tackle the problem of “in-work poverty”.