In 1992 the first text message was just being sent, and London Weighting was £2134. In 2014 150 billion texts were sent…and London Weighting is still £2134…

Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s all-staff London Weighting meeting, and apologies – we’re clearly going to need a bigger room next time!

Jon Bitmead, Senate House UCU Chair, gave a really useful explanation of the process so far from the UCU perspective – in summary the results of UCU and UNISON’s ballots on accepting or rejecting the £3500 / 2018 offer will be out by the end of the week. If either union votes no, then both will reject the offer, and the next stage will then be to consider industrial action.

Catherine Morrissey, IWGB Branch Secretary, reported that IWGB members had overwhelmingly rejected the offer, and the majority expressed support for industrial action.

Mark Murphy provided an interesting critique of the financial arguments provided thus far by the University, and it was clear that the meeting was far from convinced by the claim that the current offer was the maximum that could be afforded.

A show of hands indicated that the vast majority of attendees were not satisfied with the current offer, and the meeting resolved:

  • to produce a more detailed financial case to support the £4K NOW claim
  • to ensure the Jan 15 All-Staff Meeting was dominated by London Weighting
  • to look to all the unions to enter into dispute with the University and start to explore options re industrial action
  • to start to build pressure re a press campaign

As ever, any question just get back to us at uol@iwgb.org.uk.