University of London employees dare to ask for more…

The long-awaited All-Staff Meeting is finally being held this Thursday 15 January at 11am. Though senior management are likely to try and keep it off the agenda, it is a great opportunity to try and get some answers on London Weighting to questions such as:

  • Can the University justify imposing this settlement when many staff are clearly unhappy with it?
  • Why, with an issue that has been unresolved for 22 years, is there such urgency to end discussions after just 2 quick meetings?
  • Given the rosy state of the University’s finances, why can they not afford a more generous settlement?

If you can’t make it – do send us any suggested questions, or submit them here: https://intranet.london.ac.uk/3781.html (there’s a strong possibility that they may try to avoid any direct questions on Thursday, so getting them in beforehand is definitely a good idea).

Any questions, do get in touch via uol@iwgb.org.uk.