12.jpegOur branch secretary Catherine has written to the University to submit the IWGB’s pay claim for 2015-16. For more info or with any questions drop us a line at uol@iwgb.org.uk, and read the full text of her letter below…

Dear Kim,

I am writing in my capacity as University of London branch Secretary with regard to the HE pay claim for 2015/16.

For most HE staff, the last five settlements have amounted to approximately a 4.8% increase in pay. When the annualised RPI increases over this period are combined with the forecast RPI rate up to July 2015, cumulative inflation will have increased by approximately 19.8%.

Depending on the salary point, the result in real terms is a cut of over 15% in the value of take -home pay, with some employees seeing even worse cuts.

However, rather than address this shortfall, the current offer from UCEA is 0.9% – below even the current low rate of RPI – which will leave employees even worse off in real terms.

As you know, a final meeting is due to take place next week, on 12 May. The IWGB is calling on the University:

  1. As part of UCEA, to make a realistic pay offer that starts to correct the significant loss of earnings all employees have suffered in recent years. This should be no less than 5% this year, with a firm commitment to making up the recent shortfall over the 2016/17 and 2017/18 period.
  2. To commit to a minimum increase for University of London employees, bearing in mind the consolidation of London Weighting after 22 years at the lowest rate among the London institutions, and the University’s suggested budget surplus of over 5% for this year. We would recommend a lump sum increase of £2000, which would benefit the lowest-paid employees most.

The IWGB will be calling on its members to reject any offer that falls below this, and we will also be calling on other unions to do the same. We’d be happy to meet the University at any point to discuss this issue.

Best wishes


Catherine Morrissey

Secretary, University of London IWGB