Following on from the IWGB’s leafleting campaign to get Aramark to get rid of the zero hours contracts its employees at the University of London are on, Aramark has contacted employees to make an offer of new contracts.

In letters sent to members of staff, Aramark give their employees a choice to either remain on their current ‘flexible’ contracts or to opt in to a contract with the following terms:

  • The contract is over 42 weeks, excluding the summer and Christmas periods
  • Employees would be obliged to work a minimum of 16 hours per week or 64 hours every four weeks during the 42 week period

This essentially means that workers would be guaranteed no more than an average of 16 hours of work per week and are not guaranteed work at all during the summer or Christmas periods.

The IWGB is calling on its members to reject these contracts and we have written to Aramark to explain that the offer is unacceptable as well as stepping up our campaign.

Aramark’s attitude towards its employees is probably best illustrated in the sign below, which was posted on the staff noticeboard.