contract_7287197Sml-360x238The UoL’s facilities management contractor Cofely, which covers maintenance, portering, cleaning, security and AV across the contract, called in all its staff today to announce that the University had informed them that all these services were being put out to tender.

The Cofely contract had already been extended to cover the tendering period, but apparently a decision is expected in 6 weeks time.

Cofely are bidding to keep all of these contracts BUT other companies have also bid, and there is thus a possibility that these services may be split up among different providers.

The IWGB has written to the University making the case for these services to be brought back in house.

All affected staff will be protected by TUPE legislation, but anyone with any questions should contact us at

On a lighter note, we have also heard that contract manager Andy Combe, an old friend of the IWGB, is moving on to pastures new. I’m sure he’s as pleased with this development as we are….