As announced on the Intranet today, CoSector CEO Anthony Kemp has resigned with immediate effect. Attaching a document containing various FAQs, Chris Cobb explained that this has essentially put a hold on the CoSector development for now:

I remain confident about the opportunities to further develop the University’s shared services but will now take some time to reconsider some aspects of the current approach.”

The IWGB has done considerable work since the development of CoSector was first announced:

  • We’d endlessly raised questions over CoSector with UoL and Anthony Kemp
  • We kept all affected employees informed
  • We leafletted against CoSector at Senate House and Stewart House
  • We wrote to the Board of Trustees
  • We organized the submission of questions to the AGM

and it is likely that our continued pressure has had some influence on these decisions. We can consider this a small victory for the IWGB but of course we must maintain the pressure and continue to campaign. until these plans are abandoned completely.