It’s that time again – the branch meeting is upon us! Please do come along and participate this Friday, 12.30, IoE room S13.

(For those who can’t make it at this time, there are other meetings at 3.30pm on Friday, and at 2.00pm on Saturday, both in the IWGB Office)

There will be updates on the CAC case against the University, CoSector and branch Chair/union Treasurer elections, which will be running in November. It’s all exciting stuff, so do come if you can!

Regarding the elections, please see at the end of this email a message from Jon Katona (Secretary of Couriers & Logistics branch) who is coordinating the election process. Please note that if you have recently changed your address or contact details and not informed us, you should contact Jon ASAP (please cc me for our records!) to let him know so that you get your ballot.


Dear IWGB members,

Elections are coming up for two positions in the Union: IWGB Treasurer, and University of London branch Chair.

The candidates for IWGB Treasurer are:
Marycarmen Morales
Danny Millum

The candidates for University of London branch Chair are:
Sonia Chura
Maritza Castillo

You might be contacted by the candidates running for these positions in the near future. In November, you will receive a ballot by post so that you can vote for your desired candidate.

I have been appointed to oversee the electoral process. If you have any questions or comments you can email, call, or text me. My details are at the end of this email.

The election will run from the 2-30 November, and results will be released on 1 December.

In solidarity,

Jon Katona
Secretary, Couriers and Logistics Branch, IWGB