Danny has sent the following email to the interim CEO of CoSector, Sally Townsend, and the University COO, Chris Cobb, seeking clarification on the situation in CoSector after the resignation of Anthony Kemp and is awaiting a response:

From: Danny Millum
Sent: 13 November 2015 11:19
To: Chris Cobb  Sally Townsend
Subject: CoSector – request for information

Dear Sally and Chris

I am writing on behalf of members in the ‘CoSector-related departments’ in order to seek clarification on the current situation, and plans going forward.

Given the troubled history of this project, and the acknowledged breakdown in communication before the departure of the previous CEO, I’m sure you will be keen to provide the information requested.

The main questions are:

1. Is it still intended that a business plan be drawn up and presented to the Board of Trustees?
2. We have been told that the first draft of the business plan is meant to be completed by the end of November, the second draft January, and the final draft in March – does this mean that the proposals will NOT be going to the January Board of Trustees meeting?
3. If so, will this plan be independently reviewed beforehand?
4. Will this plan also be seen and commented on by affected staff, and their input reflected in any final draft?
5. Is it still intended to proceed under the name CoSector?
6. Can you now guarantee that plans to second staff have been abandoned, and staff will remain as UoL employees?
7. Should CoSector not proceed in its current form, what will happen to those staff employed by the company?
8. These staff currently represent a significant additional salary cost for the departments concerned – how will they be absorbed into any new structure, and how will they be paid for?
9. With regard to the money already invested in this project – can it be clarified how much has been spent, what on, and who is accountable for this?

If you could get back to us regarding these issues that would be much appreciated.

Best wishes


Danny Millum
University of London IWGB