ballot-box-graphicVoting in the ICE elections will open on Monday 7th March – until now, the University has been strangely silent on exactly how this will work.
As a result of requests from the IWGB slate for clarity on this point, HR have finally given this information:


“On 7 March all staff who are eligible to vote will receive an email from ERS. The email will provide a link to a secure site where staff will cast their vote. Staff will be required to input two security codes to reach the voting page. Once in the voting page, staff will see a list of the names of the candidates who are standing for election in their constituency, and will be asked to click the names of the candidates they wish to vote for – two or three candidates can be selected, depending on the constituency the member of staff belongs to.
Staff who are absent from the University, for instance due to maternity or sick leave, will receive a postal ballot paper to their home address.”

This should reassure anyone who has been worried about the security and confidentiality of votes. Please ensure that you share this information with colleagues so that everyone can vote with confidence!
If you do not receive an email from ERS on Monday, do contact us or write directly to HR on