cordantThey never seem to learn. The new University of London contractor Cordant took over less than a month ago, promising a new start etc etc.

Unbelievably, however, after less than a month in place, they have already forced the IWGB to lodge an employment tribunal claim – having unilaterally changed the payment date for porters and security guards working on the contract.

Perhaps they thought that when we met with them to voice workers’ concerns,and sent them detailed feedback as to where they were infringing employment law, we were not serious. Perhaps they thought that the workers we are representing were powerless, and could be ignored if they complained.

Hopefully the court action detailed below will disabuse them of this notion…

Dear Chris and David,

I am writing to inform you that we have now submitted the first employment tribunal claim against you for a violation of the TUPE regs.

I must say, given that the violation is black and white (changing the contractual payment date for the workers), you were warned of this beforehand, and we offered to find a negotiated solution to avoid a tribunal claim, it is nothing short of surreal that you have still not avoided the claim. If this is how you intend to conduct industrial relations with the IWGB over the coming years, trust me, you will regret it.

So now you will not only end up having to change the pay date, but you will also need to spend money on lawyers to defend a claim you are bound to loose.  Although three weeks ago I would have said it would have been impossible for the University of London to contract with an organization more incompetent than Cofely, I am now being forced to reconsider.

Kind regards,

Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee



PS you still haven’t answered my emails from weeks ago raising numerous concerns on behalf of your employees.