Not to be confused with…

Following the initial meeting, we were invited to submit a paper suggesting how we could reform the current JNCC (the Joint Negotiating and Consultation Committee) – and ours is attached!

We took on board feedback from everyone who got back to us, and with these proposals we’re trying to cover the following main points:

  1. Expanding the JNCC – we’re proposing that membership of the JNCC is expanded to include all three unions
  2. Improving the JNCC – there are various suggestions as to how to make this group more open and efficient
  3. Ensuring non-union members are informed and consulted with – under our new proposals all three unions would be obliged to report back after JNCC meetings to non-members, and similarly to ensure the JNCC discusses their concerns

There’s plenty of detail in the attached, but we hope that it makes our case clear, and shows how this new arrangement will benefit staff and University alike.