Mark Murphy, SAS Accounts Administrator and IWGB candidate

My name is Mark Murphy, and I’d like you to vote for me as the new Levels 1–6 negotiating rep, to work alongside Rebecca Dooley who is already doing a fantastic job. Staff in grades 1–6 are represented by just two reps, so it’s important that we work well as a team on your behalf.

A vote for me is a vote to continue down this track of change that staff voted for in March. Many of you voted for us before and backed our aim to make information and consultation here more inclusive and effective. It’s already working! The University has accepted that it needs to improve, so it’s vital to keep pushing our message.

Rebecca and my predecessor Chris have already put in a lot of work negotiating with the University and the Levels 7–10 reps. Although Chris has moved on, we in the IWGB want to finish the job that we have started. With your support I can help Rebecca continue negotiations to make proper information and consultation a permanent reality. So please vote again for IWGB!

See my full statement here, or drop me a line at

The IWGB’s full proposal for information and consultation reform can be found here.