markandrebeccaIn March, staff in grades 1–6 voted resoundingly to have a fresh voice – IWGB – represent their interests in designing better information and consultation at the University. Thanks to your votes that’s having an effect: we used your feedback to submit proposals to the University for how this could work, and that’s set the tone for the negotiations going forward.

Although Chris has left, we at IWGB are determined to keep this up. Mark Murphy is standing as the IWGB candidate to replace Chris, and if elected he will help me to push for genuine change in the way we’re informed and consulted about what happens here. We need your support again to make this happen!

Lots of people may not realise that this whole process came about because of pressure from IWGB: over a year ago we collected signatures from across the University calling for staff to be better represented, that is what led to the setting up of this committee and an acknowledgement from the University that change is needed.

Throughout the process we’ve tried to involve everyone – now we want the chance to hold the University to account in implementing your ideas. Please vote for Mark Murphy on Tuesday – I know I will be.

Rebecca Dooley, levels 1-6 ICE negotiating rep