LunchBox-StudentCentral-logoAs seen on the intranet, and confirmed in the ASM this week, the University has ignored calls to halt or even pause the current Student Central restructure and appears to still be aiming for an implementation date at the start of August.

We’ve already received disturbing reports from members of worsening conditions on the ground as Aramark prepare to take over – see our latest email on the subject below:

Dear Kay

I am disappointed, but unsurprised, to have received no reply to my email below, and reports from the other unions suggest that despite myriad objections the University is persisting in pressing ahead with this restructure without proper consultation.

There also seems to be some confusion as to the situation re redundancies. At this week’s ASM, Chris Cobb stated that there were no redundancies planned. Can you confirm that this is the case, as that appears to contradict the restructure document?

Secondly, there already seem to have been a number of changes made in advance of implementation – 60p drinks for people who work in the building have been scrapped, while longstanding Lunchbox staff perks such as free coffees / bottles of water have also been withdrawn. Can you confirm that the University is aware of these practices, and condones them?

Thirdly – there have been further reports that the London Living Wage will no longer be paid to new staff. Can you confirm or deny this, in advance of the IWGB lodging a report with the Living Wage Foundation?

Best wishes