IWGB President Henry Chango Lopez

Below is the letter we have just sent to the University, having discovered that some new Cordant workers are being issued with contracts without sick pay and with minimal holidays. Any questions henrychangolopez@iwgb.org.uk.

Dear Sir Adrian

My name is Henry Chango Lopez, and I am President of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, the union which represents the majority of the outsourced workers at the central University of London.

As you will recall, following the IWGB’s 3 Cosas Campaign, from November 2013 all outsourced workers at the UoL had new contracts introduced, which guaranteed them a minimum of 25 days holiday and sick pay of up to six months depending on length of service.

The University at the time made a public commitment that all contractors would adhere to these minimum conditions.

However, it has come to our attention that new employees working for Cordant are being issued with contracts (see attached) which provide no sick pay AND only the statutory minimum holiday allowance.

Can you confirm for me that the University maintains its commitment to the 2013 levels of sick and holiday pay for outsourced workers it so publicly announced, and that it will take immediate steps to end this practice on behalf of its contractor?

Yours sincerely

Henry Chango Lopez