ballotAttention all University of London members! Ballot papers are being posted out to your homes today over this year’s ridiculously low pay offer. Please vote as soon as you can!

This is the sixth consecutive year of low-ball offers, meaning in real terms our pay is going down. The employers’ offer is an ‘increase’ of 1.1%, although all unions had made a claim for 5% to make up for previous years and many vice chancellors enjoyed average rises of 5–6% last year. HE institutions have plenty of money – they just don’t want to spend it on staff pay.

We know our members feel strongly about this, so we need a good, strong result to show the employers that we mean business. Please vote yes to strike action over pay!

Your ballot paper includes two possible modes of action: strike and action short of strike (which would be things like refusing to stay late or do things not in your JD). Please vote yes for both. This gives us more options when it comes to taking action.

A full-day walkout is the most likely, as we aim to support similar actions that will be taken by the other HE unions (also balloting now). If we all act together, we can make a show of force to make the employers think again!

Please vote yes for action – a strong result in the ballot is vital to show that we want a better pay deal and we’re prepared to fight for it!

As always, any questions or comments, please feel free to email Catherine –