Some of you will already have seen this, but just wanted to share these management response’s to UNISON’s proposals (see below).

These seem to incorporate most of our key demands – although please let us know what you think. The main thing that occurs to me is that obviously there will still be far less staff doing more work at the end of this.

Thanks to everyone who flyered / petioned / submitted FOIs etc – this will definitely have had a massive effect on forcing these changes! In addition I know that journalists have been calling HEE asking about the cuts, so that will also have had an effect…

Any questions drop Danny a line (


Please note, these proposals are subject to certain assumptions about VR rates which cannot be guaranteed (as VR applications are a matter for individual employees, which they are free to withdraw should they so wish) and therefore we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that provisions below will take place. However, given the current number of VR applications (75) and resignations (15), we are optimistic that we can achieve the following key outcomes:

  • No compulsory redundancies will be made
  • No selection process will be required for the vast majority of staff. Most staff will be slotted into the new structure.

In addition the following provisions have been made:

  • The revised proposal will be subjected to an externally conducted Equality Impact Assessment
  • Current part-time and flexible working arrangements have been guaranteed
  • The timeline for implementation has been extended until September 2017
  • Secondments will be reviewed and evaluated as whether they can be considered as a ‘permanent’ positions for the purposes of post-matching
  • Technology solutions will be subjected to rigorous testing, and an evaluation of their capacity to provide efficiency savings will be undertaken. This will take place prior to the reduction in staffing which will be achieved through VR
  • A stakeholder engagement exercise will be undertaken