payWhat with the excitement of ICE and the damp squib that was UNISON’s national pay ballot result, it’s possible to forget that IWGB members actually voted to strike over pay back in September!

However, due to UNISON’s decision not to take action we felt that members should decide whether or not to act on our mandate. At the last branch meeting members discussed it and decided we would only take action if UCU, another of the national pay bargaining unions, chooses to strike again this autumn. If they do so we will support them.

UCU won’t meet to make their final decision until this Friday, but legally we have to give one week’s notice of any action we take and that would not allow us enough time, as the time limit is 28 days from the ballot result. I’ve therefore written to Kim Frost to ask to extend the dispute period to give us this flexibility. We’ll see how that goes down!

If he refuses, there’s option B (also approved by members at the meeting): we can call for very short action – even just five minutes! – which would be enough to keep the ballot live without anyone losing pay. Obviously that’s a last resort and we’ll keep you posted.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please just contact me (!

Best wishes