photo 1If you haven’t already seen them, please click here for the ICE ballot results. It’s a ‘no’ from the staff!

The University’s proposals to exclude IWGB have been rejected by roughly 55% of those who voted, just as they have been twice rejected by the UK courts. This means that we’ll be returning to the negotiating table with the aim of improving staff consultation here in a meaningful way – which is what we have been proposing all along!

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who took part in the ballot, however you voted. It’s great that so many people are engaging with staff consultation – it was always our aim to get more people involved and we hope to be able to follow through on that in the weeks to come.

Our campaign for a ‘no’ vote was always about inclusiveness, openness and transparency, and the suggestions we’ve made throughout the consultation process to achieve these aims have been perfectly reasonable. So, hopefully we can now engage in mature and constructive dialogue with those who campaigned for a ‘yes’ vote in order to come to an arrangement that excludes no one and is genuinely in the best interests of all staff. With good will, good faith and a willingness on all sides to compromise it should easily be possible to come up with a new deal that means all groups of staff are properly represented in future.

Please do get in touch with any suggestions, comments or questions at all.

Very best wishes,

Mark ( and Rebecca (