Many more UoL security officers have now joined the IWGB following last week’s meeting over pay, at which the prospect of strike action was raised and wholeheartedly endorsed.

Security officers have seen their pay differentials vastly eroded over the last six years, from nearly two pounds above the UoL minimum in 2011 to just 19 pence in 2017.

IWGB officials and security guard reps are scheduled to meet with bosses from security contractor Cordant on Monday 20 February, and intend to make the following demands:

  • That differentials be restored to 2011 levels (by our calculations this would mean an hourly rate of just over £12)
  • That zero-hour and so-called 365 hour (per year!) contracts be abolished
  • That proper payslips showing a clear breakdown of hours worked and overtime be provided.

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