Mark Murphy has supplied the following update on ICE mediation:

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since you heard from us so you may have forgotten that today we attended a formal mediation with the University, UNISON, and UCU over the ICE Regulations.

The University’s proposal to mediate follows on from them trying to impose reps on staff (which was overturned in the tribunals) and trying to impose a deal which excluded reps chosen by level 1-6 staff (which was rejected in a ballot by all staff).

Our first proposal was to add the IWGB – the union levels 1-6 have chosen to represent them – to the JNCC so that we can negotiate alongside the other two unions.  This was rejected.

So we offered a compromise: a second, distinct forum, at which levels 1-6 would have equal representation to levels 7-10, and which would discuss all matters of importance to staff at any level.

The only thing we wouldn’t budge on is that levels 1-6 would have equal representation and that their chosen reps would be able to deal with the same issues as the recognised unions.  This was unfortunately rejected as well.

So the ball is once again in the University’s court.  We believe they can do better and as long as these procedures are on-going we will continue to do our best to represent the interests of levels 1-6.

Do let us know any thoughts or feedback.