Our President, Henry Chango Lopez, has written to LSE in support of the UVW actions taking place this week:

Dear LSE

I am writing on behalf of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) to call upon the London School of Economics and its cleaning contractors Noonan to end their two tier system of employment at the LSE and meet their cleaners’ demands for equality as regards to sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay and pensions, as well as the reinstatement of Alba Pasmino, the end of attempts to deny cleaners representation via UVW rep Petros Elia and a review of disciplinary procedures.

Should these demands not be met, the IWGB will be fully backing the UVW strikes planned for 15 and 16 March and will be calling upon all our members, supporters and friends to do the same.

There is no moral or financial justification for the LSE’s stance. It is simply racist and discriminatory to treat one set of almost entirely migrant workers differently to another set of predominantly white British workers, and is an insult to the progressive tradition of the institution founded by Sidney and Beatrice Webb that the LSE still trades on.

Finally, as it seems that history is repeating itself, this time at the LSE, we leave the article below for your perusal in case you are not familiar with our union or the similar campaigns we have waged alongside our comrades from United Voices of the World,


I await your reply

Kind regards

Henry Chango Lopez