We’ve sent Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Adrian Smith a petition from UoL and NHS staff calling for colleagues to be brought in-house – it got an amazing 556 signatures in just a few weeks! The text of our letter is below:

Dear Sir Adrian

Please find attached 556 signatures from University of London and NHS staff calling for their outsourced colleagues to be brought in-house.

These were collected in just a couple of weeks – obviously more staff would have signed, but there’s only so much time even we can spend collecting signatures!

There is an overwhelming consensus that we want to be ONE University, and to end this unfair two-tier system.

Once again we call on you to announce that these staff will be brought in-house with immediate effect, and fully consulted over the process by which this happens.

Best wishes


We’re also going to be outside Senate House every day this week flyering and raising awareness for the campaign with workers’ stories – come and join us between 12-2pm or 4:45-6pm at the Russell Square entrance!