At a packed out all-staff meeting on pensions a UCU national negotiator outlined the seriousness of the planned changes to USS, the fact that they were completely unnecessary, and the need for strike actionto bring the employers back to the table.

Lots of questions came up after the meeting from non-UCU members, and so hereare some very brief FAQS about the strike!

Why is everyone talking about pensions?

Our pensions are about to be drastically cut – USS first, with SAUL to follow.

 That sounds bad. But what can I do about it?

Join the national strike across 61 universities starting on Thursday 22 February.

 I’m not in a union so I can’t strike, right?

Not true. Everyone can take part – you do not have to be in any union.

 Won’t I get in trouble if I strike?

It is illegal to penalise anyone for refusing to cross a picket line. The University has also assured staff there will be no negative consequences.

 But I can’t afford it right now.

The planned changes could cost us £200,000 from our pensions – we need to take a short term hit to avoid a massive long term loss.


OK – I can strike! How do I do it?

Just turn up at the front of Senate House at 8am on Thursday 22 February – the longer the picket line, the shorter the strike!