Oxford academics voting 442 to 2 against pension changes. Who were the two!!?

The pension strike is nearing the end of its 3rd week – the last day is tomorrow (Thursday 8 March), with the whole of next week designated for strike action.

On a national level it has been a massive success – every day more Vice-Chancellors have come out to call for a resolution to the strike which meets staff demands, and talks are continuing at ACAS with an offer from the employers expected later today. Here’s a report from the BBC on how Oxford have just changed their position – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-43316336

All we need to do is keep up the pressure! Many of us have been on strike the whole time, many more have taken some part in the action.

Now more than ever we need your help – remember we are fighting for everyone’s pensions. To ensure the strike stays strong enough to get a firm commitment to keep defined benefit pensions we need others to share the burden.

If you have not yet been on strike please join us – tomorrow is the national Women’s Strike and it would be great if we could have a strong presence on the picket line before the rally in Russell Square at 1pm.

See below for some tips from UCU as to what you can do to support the strike in other ways.

  1.   Please send an email to our senior leaders to express your concern, and that it is in the University of London’s best interest to do whatever they can to help resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please remind them that this organisation depends on all our good will, and tell them that you, as a colleague, are appalled that these changes to our pension are even being considered.

    2.    Please consider wearing displays of support like the popular ‘There Is No USS Deficit’ badge. It would be hugely helpful to show that you do not believe the narrative that these cuts are necessary – the Financial Times and many other established commentators have seriously questioned the USS valuation they are based on, and it is rapidly losing any kind of credibility.

    3. Use the super simple tool provided by UCU to contact your MP and ask them to help protect our pensions: https://www.ucu.org.uk/USS-emailyourMP– It takes less than a minute!

    4.    Please be aware that the USS employee consultation phase begins on 19th March. All USS pension holders should voice concern and use this to put as much pressure on USS in this way, too, not to go ahead with reforms as currently planned.

    5.    Last but not least: as stated before it is never too late to start striking yourself. We have already been tremendously successful – the renewed talks between UUK and UCU this week would not have taken place without the strikes. It is now more important than ever to keep up the pressure and realise the enormous power we, the 190,000 pension holders, have collectively. And remember: if we win this dispute, we will all benefit!