With support from IWGB’s UoL branch, courier members at The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) have won a decisive victory over pay and conditions.

Earlier this year TDL, a company that provides pathology services to the NHS, shelved its autumn 2018 pay proposal, using excuses such as “having to follow legal advice on employment status”. As result IWGB entered into dispute and prepared for the first ever TDL strike. A huge thank you to everyone who joined the picket line and sent messages of solidarity – it was really heart-warming and massively helped empower a work force that was feeling nervous standing up to their employers.

After two more negotiation meetings, IWGB has secured prompt improvements to the offer which will be implemented from 1 July (and backdated if delayed). The offer includes:

  1. Night work (between 10pm-7am) will be paid at an enhanced rate of 12.5% higher than the day rate.
  2. Couriers who accept the new hourly rate will be paid from when they call in from home or the Halo building (depending on what they currently do), and mileage will also start from this point.
  3. PAYE couriers will be offered motorbike/van/pushbike with fuel card.
  4. Couriers who prefer to stay on dockets (paid per job), or their current mode of payment are welcome to do so.
  5. Those using pushbikes will now get £13.50 as TDL accepts they should not be paid the same £13 hourly rate on offer for those who walk their deliveries.
  6. TDL has agreed that the hours couriers currently operate on will stay the same going forward. For example, if they currently work 60 hours per week they will continue to do so under the new proposal.
  7. TDL has agreed to meet with IWGB after 6 months to review how this new pay structure is working.
  8. TDL has agreed to an annual pay review in which issues such as inflation will be discussed and reflected in any adjustments. TDL confirmed that, prior to this agreement, there has never been an annual review, neither has there been an increase in pay.

This represents a huge pay rise (along with holiday pay etc) for the majority of the workforce and we would like to remind IWGB members and their supporters that their actions played a vital role in securing this victory. Solidarity works.

There will be a party to celebrate this huge win in the coming weeks. Details to follow.