Housmans in Kings Cross, London – one of the longest-running radical bookshops in the country – is holding a sale of more than 1,000 books donated by Richard Gott from his personal library.

Gott, a former Guardian correspondent and features editor, is a specialist in Latin American affairs. He has written a number of books including Cuba: A New History, Guerrilla Movements in Latin America, The Appeasers (with Martin Gilbert), Land Without EvilHugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution, and Britain’s Empire.

As expected, many of the books in the Housmans sale, which takes place from 17–25 August, focus on South American politics and history. The vast majority will be priced at £1 or £3, with a small selection at £5 and possibly higher. There will be number of books in Spanish that will be available free, though the bookseller is suggesting visitors make a donation at the till to Haven Distribution, who provide books to prisoners.